Monday, December 14, 2015

To Purchase or Not to Purchase?

Yesterday I had a 40% off coupon for Blick Art Supplies. I toyed with the idea of purchasing a 8 x 10 gelli plate. But I didn't purchase it because I had a 5 x7 gelli art plate and a home made plate. My homemade plate was smaller than 8x10 and it was a little delicate on the edges. I figured that I would be happy with the output. Today I am not happy with the output, there are several reasons why, and now I am sad that I didn't use that coupon for another gelli plate. I had an 8x10 gelli and somehow lost it in a move I made back in May. Oh I also lost a box of acrylic paint. Nice paint at that. The stuff I have now is not so good. Therefore I am not getting the results I would like to have.

I did try some deli sheets and some of them are kind of nice. I made some turkey eyes for some pre-k students and decided to keep the waste. The waste turned out to be a cute stencil. This is painted on a deli sheet.

Found a geometric image that I liked, so I made a stencils. This next one is a deli sheet also.

While I was playing around I  did manage to use a sheet of music, and I was pleased with the outcome. 

I have taken some time playing with gelli art, but my original interest was to try it on clay, well now I think I have figured out the secret for clay success.