Friday, February 27, 2009

Great Tools to Use

Thanks to uniqueartpendants at Etsy I have found these great new tools.
Here are some great tools you can use: - this lets you kind of spy on your shop and find out who hearts what, etc. - this is a calculator that helps you figure out exactly what you'll make off a sale (don't forget to include your cost to make the item in with the postage category) - this is Feasty - it gives you stats on if your items have been featured, etc. Sometimes it doesn't always get the info right, but it's still cool to check out. - this website list treasury hunt and gift guide information.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I wanted to call them multi-media earrings, because of the two different wire colors. That doesn't make them multi-media.

I am home for the week, and somewhere in between moving boxes and discarding past lives I created time to create. Tonight I am posting instead of hanging out at B&N. I have a difficult time, finding time to create. As a result when I find time, I run right into a block. Creative block. I now know that I must find a way to train myself to run around this block. I want to create not stand idle at walls. Last night I purchased a tiny composition book it fits nice in my coat pocket. Therefore I am now charged with the job on recording my create notions as they come to me. That way I have a recorded note that I can return to, when I have that oh, so precious time to crete.