Saturday, December 15, 2012

My laptop is down and I am going to try and create a post using my Samsung tablet. So this is my test.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Silk Screening

Just finished a class today on silk screening taught by Karen Woods.  She was a wonderful instructor. She gave us some great tips.  I see myself now looking for images that I can turn into silk screens.  Karen created a wonderful sample piece in class.  This was a workshop held by the New York Polymer Clay Guild.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I conditioned some clay while watching a video. It was so warm that when I went to stretch out the blue blend it folded back on itself. So it was a mess. So I decided to work with it, this meant that the blue end of the blue/white blend was in the center. I also think in the future the initial petal cane should be rolled and reduce as a round cane. Reducing the cane in the round gets the cane to a desired size with ease. From France I have admired some big flower cane necklaces, so I am working on creating some large flower canes.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Check Out My Big Haul

I went to Michael's today and I got quite a haul. I had a coupon and a gift card, so I only spent $14. I am excited because I found the Sizzix tag die cutter. By its self it was $15. I thought this die cutter had a design on the tag. But the heart, butterfly, and I love you are not part of the die cutter. With this die cutter I am going to make product tags for my jewelry. I had some old texture sheets from Fiskar and the Spellbinder embossing mat should help with the impressions. I was reading the package of the Spellbinders dies and they state that the dies do all 3 things. They cut, emboss, and engrave, but they were all around 25$ and up. Next 50% off coupon will go toward a Spellbinders purchase.

 I also found some great colored cardstock. I bet this color is close the Pantone Color of the year for 2011, tangerine. I love the color so I just had to purchase it. The Color Infusion thread was a new item for me, it made me think of the kumihimo.they are sitting on the 'tangerine' cardstock. I like this braided cord. So I think this Color Infusion thread might lend itself well to the technique. I was originally turned on to kumihimo some years ago from Fiber Goddess. She has nice looms and bobbins. The Color Infusion thread comes on a nice bobbin. The other skein of yarn matches my color palette.

 I love apples - so for 3 bucks I had to have a new timer. I purchased greeting card for my friend, bugs for my clay and erasers for the little girl in me. Nice shopping, aye?

Monday, July 16, 2012

Nice Twist on Staples

Clipper Street Scrapbook Company: C is for Clever...: Recently found this on the Tim Holtz Blog and thought it was brilliant. What another great way to use your alcohol make your own ...
This is a nice feature to know how to create.  I have staples and alcohol inks.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Great Bails
These bails would work great with polymer clay beads.  I visited the new Joann's in the area and I picked up some new findings, so my creative juices are getting stirred up.

Friday, June 29, 2012


The Art Of My Clay: Coming soon!
These molds look great.  I love the petals.
I am fascinated with the look of these cabochons. Well it looks like I might have to spend some money this summer.


I am on a working summer vacation, so I am not going to be able to be totally creative. I will look for opportunities to make things. I saw this clasp and I said, "this is something I would like to make." Well so I can find it again I decided to blog about it. This clasp is simple but elegant. So have a look at the instructions if you dare to be creative. HAPPY SUMMER.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Shopping for the Best Buy

I went to Michaels to look for inspiration, while there I spied a deal I need to swing for myself. These two items are produce by two different companies and the prices are different. With a closer look I saw that the items were really the same things. I was waiting on a 50% coupon, so I could make my purchase. I now see that making a wise choice could save me an extra five dollars.