Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Besteam Weekly Favorite - Lightkeeping

Lightkeeping has handmade jewelry inspired by all things beautiful. It is an expression of her fondness of color, clear form, simplicity and harmony. Each item is made with love and care and designed to bring you joy, lift your mood on dull days and complement your smile on bright ones. Knowing that this much care is put into each piece Lightkeeping's jewelry would be a nice addition to anyone's collection. Please check out these wonderful pieces at

Monday, March 29, 2010

New Clay Extruder

Thank you Walnut Hollow for my new clay extruder, but with a closer look I seem to know you. Well I had a Makin Clay extruder that I purchased from Michael’s Arts and Craft store. The clay extruder that I purchased came in a nice plastic box. After losing my extruder I looked to replace it, but I wanted a box with it. Michael’s had stopped stocking the extruder just about the time I decided to replace my extruder. I looked in stores from the Maryland Easter Shore to the New York Long Island – and I could not find the extruder with a nice neat plastic box to contain all the pieces. So after my store to store search turned up empty, I went to the internet. After searching for some time with no luck, I started to consider purchasing the extruder without the container. Without the container meant the price would need to be comparable.
Well there is a new Michael’s in town. So I trip over to the new Michael’s to see that it had new products, too. Among the new stuff was a new clay extruder by Walnut Hollow. Looking very nice I must say; in a plastic box, has a foldable handle, and lots of different shape discs. I had a nice coupon from the store so I decided to purchase the extruder. After purchasing the extruder, I rushed home to see if the extra discs, that I still had from the Makin Clay extruder, would fit the new one. Well, I dug out my old disk, and they FIT. Well, wait a minute the package for the new extruder say it was made by “Walnut Hollow”. So now Walnut Hollow is selling products at Michael’s under their original name.
The plunger still works with a cranking handle. The handle is designed to rotate continuously. With this extruder you don’t have to create a handle attachment for easy cranking. The handle folds in half for easy storage. The case stored 20 discs and three rubber o rings. If you have discs from a Makin’s Professional Ultimate Clay Extruder they will work with the Walnut Hollow Clay Extruder Set.

Creamsicles were the Best

Creamsicles were the best ice creams when I was a child. I loved them. I found this beautiful soap on etsy and I wondered would the soap give me the smells and experience as a soap, that I had as a child eating them. Please do check out this wonderful soap shop Lathery Confections.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Leo and Junie's Etsy Shop

I had the pleasure of joining the BESTeam last week, and this week I find myself sharing the shop of another BESTeam member. Leo and Junie design jewelry that is inspired by nature, flirty, and fun. They love using vintage beads, a mix of metals, and modern pieces in their jewelry designs. They are pretty excited about spring. They are sure to have bright colors and flowers in the shop. Please do take some time to visit their lovely shop.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sisterhood of Traveling Bead Giveaway

Humblebeads had this wonderful bead giveaway going on - right now! I love beads and a box of trinkets really excites me. When I was a little girl my church organist gave me a box of old jewelry and I have been mesmorized with jewelry over 50 years. So please do check out the give away on

Thursday, March 18, 2010

NYC - Clayers

Polymer Clayers of the Greater Metropolitan NYC the New York Polymer Clay Guild is have a Clay Day. I decided to post the information so others would hear about it and come join us. The information is listed below. If you are interested email me at or our guild president Valerie Hall -

It’s time for Clay Day which is scheduled for this Saturday, March 20th, 2010 from 10am to 4pm at St. John’s University , 101 Murray Street , New York , NY . The fee is $10.00 for members; $15.00 for non-members (these fees cover the cost of the room).

As you know Clay Day is an open session where we learn techniques and just doing your own thing – a time to play!

What we planned for Clay Day is making rings and button earrings and other things ….and whatever you like!

The Guild will supply metal rings with flat surfaces for everyone to build their designs – samples will be shown on Saturday!

Thanks much!

Material List
Pasta machine
Board to work on
Plenty of clay – if you have any canes bring them and ALL your creative juices!!!!
Liquid polymer clay
Glue (Zap A Gap) or something comparable
Cookie cutters
AND whatever else you’d like to bring!!!!