Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sanding and Buffing

I tried using biodegradable styrofoam to create hollow beads. They turned out pretty good. I hand sanded these beads, and after sanding I decided to try something new. I strung the beads together and then used my buffing bench grinder to buff one of the beads. The buffing gave a nice shine and the string kept the bead from flying off while buffing. I suggest that if you decide to string beads together for buffing that you hold the string in your hand while buffing. If the bead gets caught in the buffing wheel the string will keep the bead from flying away.

In my quest for new techniques I acquired a vibratory tumbler. I had a set of color samples beads that were already strung together. I decided that I didn't want to restring them after tumbling - so I left them strung together, as I placed them in the tumbler. These beads were strung together using plain fishing line. The strand of beads tumbled through the tumbler without any problems. After I tumbled the beads in the vibratory I used the buffer to buff the beads. The last two oval teal beads were not buffed, but all the other beads on this strand were buffed. I think they turned out okay, but I still would like to see a little more shine. I think my next test will be to tumble the beads with fabric squares to see if I can achieve more of a shine.
Sorry, I did have one concern about tumbling. I added a little water to the tumbler, just enough to wet the beads and rocks. While tumbling I did notice that there were brown marks on the light colored beads. I thought this happened because I did not wash the rock. I stopped the process and washed the rinsed the rocks off with water. I resumed tumbling for a total of three hours. I beads were smooth to the touch. In the bottom and middle side of the small bowl was this nasty looking brown sludge. I needed a brillo pad to remove most of it, a stain remained. I wonder if anyone else has experienced this scenario.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

In Search of High Gloss

I just purchased a vibratory tumbler. While ‘cruising the web’ I stumbled upon some comments about the tumblers. One source sent me to a gun shop. Well the gun shops in the big city were very scary even on the web. Well my search sent me to a store 200 miles away, but less than 10 miles from my sister's house. Wow, I could visit my sister and the sporting goods store. So on Monday that is exactly what I did. I was surprised at how large the tumbler was. I purchased a Lyman Turbo Tumbler. The label on the box says "gives factory brass finish; twice as other tumblers; heavy-duty, thermally protected motor; quiet running; wide stable base w/protective motor shield; includes 1200 pro plus 600 pop top bowl and lid. This is a turbo twin pack. It was the last one on the shelf and it had been opened, so there were no papers inside the box. So I am looking for all the advice I can find about using the tumbler with polymer clay. I purchased some plastic "beanie baby" pellets to try. I haven't returned home yet, so I haven't been able to try them. Last night while I was reading I read about two other methods 1. Pea gravel from Home Depot, 2. Bon Ami pot cleanser. Well I might have to experiment to see which is best. Wish me luck.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Spending to support the addiction....

The last couple of weeks I found myself spending money on unusual things while satisfying my addiction. POLYMER CLAY is my addiction.

Item number 1 - DAP Tex Plus - Window & Door Foam Sealant. I was looking for a foam that cured hard. I needed a strong compound to strengthen something. I was not thinking. I could have saved my 8 dollars and used what I already had in the cupboard. There was Polymer Clay in the cupboard and in the end that was what I used. I guess I will use this sealant around the house.

Item number 2 - Biodegradeable Packing chips. Now I know I have some in my garage, 5 hours away. Another 8 dollars, and I had to sneak it in the house so my finance didn't see it. I didn't need 8 gallons worth of this stuff. I have made two beads inspired by Ronna Weltman's new book Ancient Modern, but now what do I do with the rest?

Item number 3 - cork clay. I am not going to buy this stuff. I am going to use what I already have - POLYMER CLAY. Well, Sculpey Ultra-light to be exact. I purchased it about two years ago, another time when I was spending without thinking.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ice Cream - Anyone?

Bunny Tracks ice cream from Blue Bunny is a great snack while working with polymer clay. I discovered these individual serving containers about a year ago, right next to the quart container. After eating a couple of these servings I decided that I should see if I could recycle the container. First I started storing small clay cutters in them. Then one night I set some clay in an empty container. I got busy and discovered a week later that the clay did not melt the container. Wow, I now have a new place to store raw clay. Ice cream, anyone?

I created this posting because an incredible polymer artist is featuring a giveaway on her website. That is Humblebeads. Take a peek at the great things happening on her website

Monday, July 20, 2009

First attempt of Sandy's Flower

I toiled and toiled over making a flower cane. I have seen so many beautiful canes. And I wasn't sure I too could created such stunning work. I know everything takes practice and improves with time. Now I needed to convince myself to invest in the time. Well I have finally started the journey.

I looked for tutorials that I liked. I found one, Sandy created a tutorial that I liked. After some time I started the tutorial. Blah - my skinner blend did not come out so good. I did not get the time of blend from color to color that I wanted. So my flower set for weeks on the work table. I even ignored it while I worked on other things. Finally this weekend I had a clay day with the New York Polymer Clay Guild, but I didn't take my unfinished cane. I left it home. I had an excellent day, and I created two good looking skinner blends. That good fortune sent me to my work table as soon as I returned home.

All it needed was the final layer - translucent clay. Well, the cane was wrapped per the directions in the tutorial. The addition of little logs in the valleys after wrapping the cane, helped to reduce the effect of flatten flower petals at the edge. So I reduced the cane and while reducing it was a nice discovery to see that even the scrap ends looked good.

The final flower will work. Once it is reduce it still looks like a flower, therefore the original goal was met. Make a flower cane.

Now I need to make some leaves.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Friday, May 29, 2009

Faux Malachite Beads

Faux Malachite Beads
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I took a close look at these faux beads, and I notice that they are very nice beads. I have resized this picture so that you can see the detail of the beads.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


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I saw this necklace by Barb Fajardo, it is lovely. I adorn the shape and the composition of this piece.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Adinkra Jewelry - "Welcome"

The Adinkra symbols were originally designed by Ashante Craftsmen of Ghana, West Africa. The symbols are a non-verbal communication of aesthetic values, and the way of life for many West Africans. The symbols were painted through out the community. Most recently they were printed on fabric, and worn for celebrations. Each symbol has a name and a meaning.

These symbols have tickled at my creative muse for quit awhile. So, now I am designing a line of jewelry and accessory with adinkra symbols.

The current stamp design on these turquois and black polymer clay earrings is "Welcome". I think "Welcome" is an appropriate symbol for the beginning of this collection.

Japanese Flower

I have been on a quest to learn how to make a Japanese folded flower out of clay. It is a skill that I will have to work at and refine but this was my first attempt.
I saw a flower created by an etsy artist. This flower sparked a need to learn how to create the flower. So I have searched high and low for a tutorial to use. I have fold two that are linked to my page. Last night I tried one.
Process: I know that the design sheet should be clay. The sheet I used was painted, therefore sometimes it was hard getting it to fold the way I wanted it to. The next time I will creat a clay sheet.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Now that we have the data?

Now that we have the data about our Etsy shops, how are we using this data? I have discover the website I love how this website reports data about an Etsy shop. I look at how many views and hearts that my shop gathers in a day. There is a montain of information available on this site. I am curious as to how other shop owners are using this site to drive their business. Help me out, leave a comment. In advance thanks for the info.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009

New Treasury

I am in a PCAGOE Treasury. I am trying to figure out how to capture it as a photo.

Monday, March 16, 2009

New Advertising Website

What great luck I had on Sunday. While hanging out in the Etsy forum I discovered a fellow etsian who invited me to join their Snorple page. I had never heard of Snorple. Well I agreed to particpate and now I have a new site that links to my store. Thank you Photoplayingcards. If you are interested convo them, right now it is a free service.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Great Tools to Use

Thanks to uniqueartpendants at Etsy I have found these great new tools.
Here are some great tools you can use: - this lets you kind of spy on your shop and find out who hearts what, etc. - this is a calculator that helps you figure out exactly what you'll make off a sale (don't forget to include your cost to make the item in with the postage category) - this is Feasty - it gives you stats on if your items have been featured, etc. Sometimes it doesn't always get the info right, but it's still cool to check out. - this website list treasury hunt and gift guide information.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I wanted to call them multi-media earrings, because of the two different wire colors. That doesn't make them multi-media.

I am home for the week, and somewhere in between moving boxes and discarding past lives I created time to create. Tonight I am posting instead of hanging out at B&N. I have a difficult time, finding time to create. As a result when I find time, I run right into a block. Creative block. I now know that I must find a way to train myself to run around this block. I want to create not stand idle at walls. Last night I purchased a tiny composition book it fits nice in my coat pocket. Therefore I am now charged with the job on recording my create notions as they come to me. That way I have a recorded note that I can return to, when I have that oh, so precious time to crete.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Green and Dangly

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This is a new pair of earring that I have refashioned. The green glass bead and pearls were added to a plain pair of earrings.