Monday, May 09, 2011

Got it...

What a nice gift for Mother's Day. Now I need to find some time to play. While flipping through the pages I have seen some nice ideas for creating texture tools. Now I am on the prowl for new texture tools.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Awaiting a new book....

Mokume Gani was one of the first techniques that I fell in love with. I felt comfortable and confident using this technique. I have not always made time for scientific experimentation and I think it has stifled my creativity. But Julie Picarello pushed this technique to a new level. I have admired her work since, I discovered her pieces on Flickr. A couple of times I saw classes she was teaching, but I was not able to attend. Julie has now decided to publish a book, AND WHAT A BOOK. I was so excited that I ordered a copy of the book the first time I saw it. Now, I'm like waiting for the blessed event - I sit in waiting for my new copy of the new book. I wish, I had been among the select few who are reading and using the book now, but I am but a common-er and I will have to wait for my copy. So I will have to learn to relax while I wait. Oh what shall I do? LOL!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Garden Gate Clasp

This Garden Gate Clasp is wonderful,and there is a tutorial. I saw it and I just had to share it. I subcribe to the Art Bead Scene, and this simple yet beautiful tutorial was posted by Heather. If you make jewelry and you look for ways to make it a one of a kind piece this tutorial should give you a large amount of pleasure.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Too Stressed, Too Busy, to p.....

I have been too stressed and too busy, to post. I have not set down to my clay in months. With life's stresses it is obvious one can not afford to pay dues to organizations that don't povide a great deal of rewards. My shop is on vacation and my clay is collecting dust. When one doesn't have time to visit the forum either, it doesn't make sense to continue membership. Farewell team P------.