Thursday, February 21, 2013

Silk Screens and Silk Screening

I have created several afro-centric designs, and I think these designs will work nice with polymer clay silk screening.  I envision that these silk screens can be used to create small pieces of art.  In November I created a pretty unique piece using silk screened polymer clay.  I decided that I would like to create some afro-centric silk screens and use them to create wearable art work. 
 Adinkra Symbol - Strength
This is my first featured design.  It is the African Adinkra symbol of  'strength'.  The silk screen sheets are 4 x 5 inch squares.  Acrylic paints can be used to create the design.  Using typical silk screen process of squeezing the paint through the screen will create the design in paint.  A mixture of different colored clay and paints can yield amazing art. This is just a sample of what I created when playing with clay, paint and silk screens.
In the future I am looking for creative ways to use other Adinkra symbols.