Friday, July 25, 2008

Time in a Bottle

Creating this shaker was a nice experience. I was attempting to create a mosaic design with a lead glass look. In ways I think I accomplished my goal. I then proceeded to cover a glass bottle with this cane. I was successful and it looked good. That was some ten or more years ago. I moved and the bottles stayed wrapped up in paper packed away in my garage. When I rediscovered my shaker it had fine hair line cracks. Glass does expand and shrink in the elements. Now the question is how do I combat that problem when covering home decor items that might experience element changes. I have recieved some suggestions, but I think my helpers need to see the item to understand the problem. So here it is.

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France said...

It's interesting that it cracked as I would have thought polymer clay to expand a bit too, it's a plastic after all. I wonder if there wasn't other factors involved in the cracking, seems it cracked mostly on the black lines. Were they the same kind of clay, or did you mix clays (well, I wouldn't remember what I did 10 years ago! But it's worth a thought!), also was the clay conditioned enough, was it baked long enough and at the right temperature, etc...
I'm looking forward to seeing what others suggest!!