Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year is here!

I hate making New Year Resolutions, in the past I have not been very discipline to keep them. So this year I would like to make a promise to myself, develop my artistic skills by pushing myself to think and work outside of the box. Today I signed up for a Google's Base account and Twitter. I already have a Myspace and Facebook accounts. I will try to use these tools to network. Wish me luck.


Amanda (Blake) Fall said...

Good luck! I'm a fellow Etsyian working on marketing and promotion...it's a big, scary world....well, actually, not so scary when you see how many other supportive people are trying to do the same thing! :)

-Amanda (found you through the thread on Etsy)

NoraAnne said...

Good luck with promoting your shop and taking things to the next level! I am in the same boat, I just joined Google Base last week and have been thinking about Twitter!

sashalynn aka hypnobird said...

I also found you on an etsy thread and am doing the same. I is overwhelming how much there is to do. I've been doing it for about a week, figured I'd get a jumpstart on my resolutions. Itll get easier, I think once I get in the habit of doing it everyday. Good luck to both of you. We can all use it.