Thursday, July 29, 2010

This Week's Feature: "Little Peach Fuzz"

Hello everyone, this week I would like to introduce you to an energized crafter - Little Peach Fuzz.
Little Peach started making jewelry mainly because of her little sister, who loves the idea of her making things. She feels that creating things is a calming experience. Little Peach is currently teaching herself to knit, so some time in the future you can look forward to seeing her creations. As you look throught this shop you will find some light hearted items. For example the A-line Green and Black Necklace. I love both the name and the colors.
This shop owner also has a blog that you can visit.

With that said you know what to do...
1. Click the links in this blog and make Little Peach Fuzz a fan, heart her shop and don't forget follow the blog.
2. If you see something you like, buy it.
3. If you like my blog, don't forget to follow me too.
4. See ads that interest you, click through and explore.
5. By all means enjoy, have fun and live life to its fullest because tomorrow isn't promised.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

This Week's Feature - Omnipresent

Omnipresents states that she has been an avid jewelry designer and artisan for many years. She is passionate about handcrafted jewelry because it is completely unique and so expressive. Different accessories yield different looks and reveal different aspects of the wearer's personality. She is also passionate about new age techniques such as meditation, color therapy, and crystal healing. Therefore, she decided to combine two passions and create a collection of handcrafted regalia for adults. Her collection is not only beautiful but also serves to increase energy, enhance the spiritual health, and well-being of the wearer. She has also created different lines within the collection that cater to the tastes of different individuals: the Bliss Baubles line includes finery that inspires the wearer to achieve happiness; Goddess Gear line includes treasures that encourage the feminine energy to come forth; Harmony Healing line includes adornments with gemstones and crystals that aid in balancing; Kundalini Kreations line includes accessories that resonate with the colors of the primary chakras. Omnipresent also has a blog you should visit.

Personally I like the coral beads on this 'Key to my Heart Necklace'

Now you know what to do
*go to the shop and browse around for something to purchase
*heart the shop
*read the blog and leave a message
*do let Omni know that you stopped by.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Carousel of Colors

"The world is a carousel of colors..." I mixed some clay today using Maggie Maggio's system. I like this method best. I can 'somewhat' control the amount of clay that gets mixed. I love Cindy Lietz's color palettes, but sometimes the parts require you to mix large amounts of clay. Just today I worked on organizing my data files. I decided to save all the recipes together with a picture of the palette. I went back through Cindy's blog and found the pictures of the color palettes. Then I renamed all the color recipes so that they would be with the palette image. I think now when I look through the computer for a color the picture will be close by.
I have posted a picture of my files showing the details. I hope you can see that the recipes are listed for example 22-1a..., 2a, 3a, 4a, then the picture of the color palette, with all the colors. Try clicking on the image to see it better.

Monday, July 12, 2010

This Week's Feature: Miss Pretty Perfect

Congratulation, Miss Pretty Perfect has found a 'brick & mortar' place to feature her fantastic handbags. From the outside the shop is extremely inviting. It is no wonder the shop decided to feature this talented designer. Her handbags are so nice and practical that every busy lady needs a bag. I suggest you stop over at her etsy shop so you can see the current inventory. MPP also has a great blog where you can find out the latest and the coolest things happening with her business venture. This bag is called "Dr Quinn Travel Bag" and you should know from the TV show that Dr. Quinn was independent lady for her time.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Great Diet Food - Nah?

I have seen some wonderful simulated polymer clay food. This art is really growing. I have seen some clay food on Etsy, YouTube, Claylessons and etc. places. At first I did not think about using these items in doll houses, but that is a perfect application for these items. I have seen some items turned into jewelry piece. Oh how cute! Now I do have a young and small niece in my life. She is an old spirit, so at 2 years old, she never puts inappropriate items into her month. But my mind does wonder ... if she saw a miniature polymer clay food item, would she try to eat it? I HOPE NOT. Those of who have these very realistic looking miniature food, will have to be very careful to make sure little ones, don't accidentally eat polymer clay. What do you think?

Monday, July 05, 2010

Weekly Feature: Fish Princess Designs

This week's shop is Fish Princess Designs and this artist hails from the crafters mecca of the mid-west "Metropolitan Detroit." This area is so packed with crafters events and shows. I use to live in Detroit and crafting in that area was wonderful, and I miss that. One of the best craft source is in Metro Detroit (Munro Crafts). Well Fish Princess makes hand crafted artisan jewelry using natural gemstones, pearls, beach stones, beach glass, fossils, Swarovski crystals,sterling silver, gold and copper. All her items are made by her, and inspired by nature! If you are in or near Michigan she has a list of shows on her blog telling where she'll be during the summer. She also has a nice looking Watermelon Salad.

In her "other" life she's an accountant who has a need to release her creative side! If she's not busy on her creations you might find her in the stream-she is also an avid fly fisherwoman!
she draw her inspirations from the great outdoors... a mountain stream, a walk in the woods, the beautiful Great Lakes, a fabulous sunset, a stormy sky...she hopes you will find something that inspires you also!
Be should to stop by her shop and blog I am sure you will find them delightful.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

BESTeam - Sunny Sunshine

Do check out this bright Etsy shop, because the sun is really shining on "Your are my Sunshine, there are so many nice flowers blooming. Show owner Nina also has an extremely colorful blog worth checking out.
Here is what Nina says about her work. "My jewelry designs are a result of hours of imagining and daydreaming until I finally reach that "aha" moment that makes me smile.
They are my ideas, born of a desire to create a lovely thing for you that is truly one of its kind. You will receive a piece that as been created by my own hands, my heart, my imagination and my passion with loving care and attention that can be seen and touched by you. I use recycled and reclaimed fabrics as well as vintage and new components.
To me the "adaptation" of my work can only be a compliment." Nina also has a vintage shop worth visiting. Let me invite you to visit Nina's shops and blog to see more of her creative talent.