Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pardo Clay

Pardo Clay is the newest clay to the polymer clay family. It has been on the market for about a year now but it is not carried by many craft suppliers. If you are interested in purchasing this clay I would suggested that you do a Yahoo/Google search to find a supplier.
As a member of the New York Polymer Clay Guild I was given a small batch of the Pardo Clay. My assignment is to report back my findings. I have had this batch for several months and I have not motivated myself to play with this new clay. So now I am doing so. I am considering writing a series of short blogs about this new product.
First impression – different marketing strategy from all the polymers in the past, is my first thought. Is there a special reason why the manufacturer packaged this clay as balls instead of blocks? If Pardo really wanted to step in to an existing artistic world, why would they change the way the polymer clay is measured. For years artists have sliced their blocks into fractional pieces for color mixing. (Halves, 1/16 and etc.) So when mixing Pardo to achieve new colors, an individual is going to attempt to cut the balls into 1/16’s and 1/8’s to mix colors. I think not. So with my first impression I would say it may have not been a good idea to market their product as balls of clay. I must say the balls are cute, though.

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Tina Holden said...

Good point about the measuring and colour mixing. I always measure by rolling through largest setting on pasta machine and then use cookie cutters.