Thursday, July 08, 2010

Great Diet Food - Nah?

I have seen some wonderful simulated polymer clay food. This art is really growing. I have seen some clay food on Etsy, YouTube, Claylessons and etc. places. At first I did not think about using these items in doll houses, but that is a perfect application for these items. I have seen some items turned into jewelry piece. Oh how cute! Now I do have a young and small niece in my life. She is an old spirit, so at 2 years old, she never puts inappropriate items into her month. But my mind does wonder ... if she saw a miniature polymer clay food item, would she try to eat it? I HOPE NOT. Those of who have these very realistic looking miniature food, will have to be very careful to make sure little ones, don't accidentally eat polymer clay. What do you think?


Adriana said...

well,I'm sure there are some,I would eat myself :D so yes,no kids aloud around

Adriana said...

there are some,I would eat myself :D so yeah,no kids aloud around!