Sunday, July 18, 2010

This Week's Feature - Omnipresent

Omnipresents states that she has been an avid jewelry designer and artisan for many years. She is passionate about handcrafted jewelry because it is completely unique and so expressive. Different accessories yield different looks and reveal different aspects of the wearer's personality. She is also passionate about new age techniques such as meditation, color therapy, and crystal healing. Therefore, she decided to combine two passions and create a collection of handcrafted regalia for adults. Her collection is not only beautiful but also serves to increase energy, enhance the spiritual health, and well-being of the wearer. She has also created different lines within the collection that cater to the tastes of different individuals: the Bliss Baubles line includes finery that inspires the wearer to achieve happiness; Goddess Gear line includes treasures that encourage the feminine energy to come forth; Harmony Healing line includes adornments with gemstones and crystals that aid in balancing; Kundalini Kreations line includes accessories that resonate with the colors of the primary chakras. Omnipresent also has a blog you should visit.

Personally I like the coral beads on this 'Key to my Heart Necklace'

Now you know what to do
*go to the shop and browse around for something to purchase
*heart the shop
*read the blog and leave a message
*do let Omni know that you stopped by.


Elle said...

Very interesting about the different jewelry lines. Great feature.

omnipresents said...

Thanks for a great feature.