Sunday, May 16, 2010

Swan Mountain Soaps - This week's featured BESTeam

Swan Mountain Soaps specializes in natural handmade cold-process artisan soaps and body products, all made completely from scratch - never from a pre-made base. Their products contain no detergents, fillers, or lather boosters, no formaldehyde, and no parabens - just naturally-good, skin-loving ingredients like cocoa butter, shea butter and olive oil. Let them pamper your skin with a little taste of luxury!

Six years ago, Christina and Mike were like most Alaskans - tough, rugged, self-reliant ... and itchy. Alaska can be a harsh place to live, especially in winter, when below-zero temperatures and frigid winds combat you on a daily basis. Their skin was dry and scaly. Their kids' skin was dry and scaly. It was not a pretty sight.

Then they discovered the joys of handmade soap. They were instantly addicted, and they learned to make their own soaps and body products. They also started learning about the plants and herbs that grew so abundantly around them in the summertime. . Their garden supplied them with plantain, horsetail, chickweed, chamomile and calendula for their herbal salves and balms. They have discovered the amazing bounty that could be found from wildcrafted herbs and foods. Make sure you stop to visit their Swan Mountains very informative blog.

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