Monday, May 31, 2010

Tiger Cane

I have a weekly addiction of watching the Clay Tutor Cindy Lietz' videos. Some weeks I try the lessons and others I don't. Well now I have decided to commit myself to attempting the lessons. So this Friday the lesson was a Zebra print cane. I modified the cane to a tiger print cane. I used Premo gold (with mica) and black to create the cane. The gold clay was somewhat of a scrap clay. I surmised that there was a bit of brown clay mixed in with the gold. It was probably a little bit of brown, added. I followed the video half way through. When I began to slice the black stripe pieces, I decided to immediately add them to the gold block. It definitely was not as neat as Cindy's block. When I reduced the cane, following her recommendations about shaping each piece, I was pleased with the results.

I have made a tiger cane before using Desiree's tutorial. In her tutorial I used a skinner blend to create the background. The background was a round log and the strips were added to it. There as in now I was pleased with the stripes, but my skinner blend did not turn out very well. I would say that the amount of blended color was too small. So the blend too quickly jumped from the liter color to the dark color.

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Arlene Harrison said...

I too am a Cindy fan and I LOVE the zebra cane she did last week. Haven't tried it yet but hope to this weekend. My life has been way too busy lately and it's time to slow down! I love your adaptation of the zebra to tiger cane. Cool process. May have to try that one this weekend too!